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AUG 28

Apps in trend

The world is ever changing. Digitization and recent events have changed the way the world works, some temporarily, but some permanently. This has resulted in new opportunities for businesses and app developers.

So here is a list to show you the kind of apps that are in trend now and make money. You can use this list to brainstorm on your new projects too. Let’s get into it!

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Parsley Montana
1. Grocery App

Online grocery shopping/ordering was a niche category before the pandemic happened. But it is not so anymore. Today we see the giants like Walmart, Target and Amazon quickly adapting to this change by taking up on delivery and pick-up services of groceries.

This is where mobile apps play an advantageous role as mobile sites are not enough alone for they are not as user friendly as apps. Apps have the ability to save the users’ information which makes the checkout process very easy and leads to high conversion rates. One has a huge opportunity in this space and can make a lot of money through grocery ordering apps.

2. E-commerce App

E-commerce apps are growing with no signs of slowing down and it will not as well. Shopping from an app, instead of a mobile site or browser, is more advantageous for everyone; for customers because of the ease and convenience of use, for businesses because of its high conversion rate.

A mobile app has nothing but advantages in terms of ease of checkout, speed, offline access, customer experience, engagement, and personalization.

3. Food Delivery App

Ever since the pandemic has begun the food and drink industry has suffered a lot due to lockdowns and changes in consumer behavior and government regulations. But the ones that have adapted well will continue to survive and grow.

According to Statista, a majority of 67% of the US population prefer to order food from apps or restaurants’ websites. So for restaurant owners it is a good idea to have an app because it gives them full control over the margin and without having to pay fees associated with third-party services. A good app also enables a smooth management of reservations, promotions, and customers can keep their payment and address information on the app that makes the check-out process easy.

4. E-learning App

The pandemic has resulted in the rise of the trend of remote-learning that has led to an increased demand for e-learning apps. During the pandemic many people have started using these apps to learn and attain new skills. For instance, Udemy saw an increase of 425% in their online course enrollments in 2020, and Duolingo, an increase of 148% in their signups in a month in 2020.

Similar apps targeting children are seen in the market today, like Kids Learning Tube, wherein children learn subjects like nutrition, geography, the solar system and many more through fun animated videos. These videos have more than 615 million views on YouTube and that is why the company decided to launch their own e-learning mobile app.

Educational apps have much potential and a spike in user adoption of these apps is expected in the near future.

5. Health & Fitness App

There are endless possibilities in this space. Some of the apps in this category include gym apps, cooking apps, weight loss apps, yoga apps, meditation apps and many more.

There are many ways to make money in this category of app. One is virtual personal training, where trainers create a thirty-day workout routine with videos and lessons on the apps. Gym owners also use apps to manage memberships, class schedules and training sessions.

Statista says that by 2022 86.3 million people will be using the health and wellness apps, in the US. So clearly, one can make a lot of money through these apps.


These categories of app are based on recent trends and statistics. One only needs to identify opportunities in these trends and adapt quickly. To make money with apps, one has to first decide on the app category and then move forward

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