Royal Chicken

Royal Chicken

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Royal Chicken carefully handpicks the birds and the off-springs are bred in a well-cared and sophisticated environment. Royal Chicken feeds the birds with nutritious food that includes high quality maize and soya. Bio-security is maintained in all stages of production till the end. The birds are grown and taken care in a superior hygienic environment in ultra-modern bio-secured farms, keeping your health in mind.

Royal Chicken has a team of highly qualified professionals that include poultry nutritionists and veterinarians. Royal Chicken carries out meticulously formulated feed since it is the most important factor that provides nutrition benefits till the final product. Royal Chicken gives utmost importance in setting a right formulation throughout every bird’s lifecycle.

Royal Chicken delivers you nutritious, completely hygienic, healthy and affordable broiler chicken every time. Royal Chicken assures you a total natural dressed chicken that doesn’t contain preservatives, hormones, growth promoters and anti-biotic residual.

Royal Chicken delivers a range of fresh halal products that provides you farm freshness while it retains the taste in an environment that’s totally hygienic. Royal Chicken is here to make sure that you enjoy a healthy and tasty meal every time